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The Farmhouse provides an authentic space for young Jews to

discover and celebrate their personal relationship with Judaism,

within a community of like-minded friends.

Our Mission


Beit Simcha v’Teffilah, The Farmhouse, is an Oasis of Authentic Jewish Experience for young Jews between the ages of 18-32 in the Negev of Israel. Combining an intimate space for meditation and prayer with warm family hospitality, The Farmhouse has hosted hundreds of young Jews traveling through Israel over the last ten years.


The Farmhouse creates a Spiritual and Jewish cultural bridge for guests who connect with Rabbi Shu and the Eliovson Family. The unique spiritual space, and loving and mutually respectful approach to Judaism that infuses activities enable guests to find their own comfortable relationship with their Jewish heritage.


Beit Simcha v’Teffilah BaNegev — The House of Joy and Prayer in the Negev, provides:

  • A non-judgmental, Spiritually vibrant Jewish space

  • Authentic Torah-based Jewish experiences of Shabbat, prayer (Teffilah), singing (Zmirot), late-night Spiritual chills (Onegs/Farbrehngin), personal religious exploration, and one-on-one mentoring

  • A Trans-denominational atmosphere, allowing people of all backgrounds to invite themselves over and to feel at home

  • Optimistic, peace-oriented Zionism

  • Genuine, life-long friendship

What We Do
Who We Are


Shu & Yallie headshot.jpg

Rabbi Shu & Yael Eliovson

Rabbi Shu & Yael Eliovson have been opening their home to young Jewish guests and providing inspirational Shabbat experiences to all those who knock on their door for more than two decades.  If ever there was a couple that operates as two halves of a whole, Shu & Yael are that couple.


Shu is an experienced high-tech executive and entrepreneur who has built multiple social-media companies from the ground up and serves as an executive consultant regarding strategy, innovation, and execution to startups. Yael is a hydrotherapist in the south of Israel, caring for over 50 special-needs young clients every week. 


In parallel with Shu’s professional life marketing to youth via social media, and Yael’s intuitive gift for engaging children with disabilities, the two of them have been partners and pioneers of Jewish outreach and renewal.  Over the last fifteen years, they have developed groundbreaking workshops for Jewish high-school students, created outreach programs that run within the heart of the USA rock-music scene, and regularly advise Jewish school and community leaders across North America 


Now that their own children are mostly grown up, and Shu & Yael have more time on the weekends to care for their ever-expanding family of young Americans living in Israel, The Farmhouse seemed like the natural next step.  After all, they live in the region of Israel where our ancestors Abraham and Sarah used to have their ever-open hospitality tent!  So they feel like they are in good company following such an eternal example.

Our Home


If stepping into a home was something like sighing the most satisfying, relaxing sigh in the world, that would convey the feeling of The Farmhouse in a simple idea.  With it’s tall ceilings with high-beams stretching up into the loft, or it’s giant windows overlooking endless rolling fields, or it’s rooftop shteeble hosting the most joyous Friday night prayers, The Farmhouse just feels like a place where you can be yourself.  Guests are always greeted with a smile and hug the moment they walk in the door, and the chilling non-judgmental energy takes over from there.  So grab a cup of homemade ice-tea or a cold beer, kick back on a hammock or the living room couch, and make yourself at home.  Because at The Farmhouse, you finally are.

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